Scott London

I'm a California-based author, researcher and consultant. I write about social innovation, civic renewal, and the ideas and trends shaping our future. My work has appeared in many books, newspapers, magazines and scholarly journals.

I've led national studies and research projects on a range of subjects, including: how social innovators achieve impact, the power of informal networks, the dynamics of collaboration, the art and practice of public deliberation, and how to name and frame public issues.

As a consultant, I manage projects and offer ideas and assistance to organizations committed to social innovation and community engagement. My specialties include strategic planning, process design and implementation, facilitation and training, and strategic communication.

I'm a longtime associate of the Kettering Foundation. I've also worked with the Harwood Institute, Pew Partnership for Civic Change, the National Issues Forums, Pacifica Graduate Institute, the Kellogg Forum and Egon Zehnder, among other organizations.

My career got its start in broadcast journalism. I worked as a reporter and producer at several radio stations and went on to host Insight and Outlook, a program of ideas heard on NPR stations across the United States. I've also worked with CBS Radio, American Public Media, CBC Radio and other news outlets and I continue to do occasional freelance work.

I was born in Washington D.C. At the age of five, my family moved to Stockholm, Sweden, where I was raised and educated. I returned to the U.S. in my mid-20s and eventually landed in southern California, where I now live with my wife and our two daughters.