The Politics of Place

by Scott London

I have just seen the manuscript of a forthcoming collection of interviews with Terry Tempest Williams. Among the dialogues in the book is an interview I conducted with her ten years ago entitled The Politics of Place. The collection also features interviews by Derrick Jensen, Michael Toms, David Kupfer, and Aria Seligmann, among others. Editor Michael Austin puts it very well in his introduction. “Like her books,” he says, Williams’ interviews “are suffused with the passions of her life — her family, her relationship to the land, her passion for words, and her unwavering sense of courage and personal integrity — and can be read profitably by those unfamiliar with her other work. For those familiar with her books, however, Williams’s interviews are a special treat. They sparkle with anecdotes, observations, clarifications, and even confessions that are not available in any other source.” The book, which is being published by Utah State University Press, will be out in the summer of 2006.