Web Site Overhaul

by Scott London

SCOTTLONDON.COM is in the throes of a much-needed facelift. The makeover is almost complete. The site has a new look and several important new features. The most obvious change is the addition of more graphic content, including a special section devoted to image galleries and photo essays.

I’ve also introduced a guestbook — a much-requested feature that allows visitors a chance to drop me a line and, more importantly, respond to the material on the site. (Some of the guestbook entries were originally sent to me as e-mails, but I’m making them public here — hopefully without offending anyone — to encourage open discussion and constructive criticism.)

In addition, I’ve revamped the site index, posted a list of the ten most popular pages, and added an overview of material related to civic renewal.

Finally, I’ve introduced a news page. Many people encouraged me to add a blog to the site, but I had mixed feelings about it. First of all, I thought, does the world really need one more blog? And secondly, isn’t there more to life than sitting at the computer writing up a blow-by-blow? So, the news page tries to strike a balance between a blog and a periodic update. It offers a place for commentary, ideas, recommendations and news. (It also replaces my electronic newsletter “London Calling.”)

This marks the first major overhaul of the site in five years. If you’re interested in how it has evolved over the years, read about this site.

Please do send me your thoughts about the new changes — what works, what doesn’t, dead links, etc. Are there elements that are confusing, redundant, pointless, infuriating? Any and all feedback is much appreciated.