Heavy Traffic

by Scott London

The site topped four million hits in August — a new record. The spike can be partly explained by the popularity of my photos from the Burning Man festival. The response has been tremendous. A nod from MetaFilter, the Net’s premier “Best of the Web” site, along with links from some fifty-plus blogs, has brought a surge of visitors.

Another factor is the growth of Google Scholar which has generated a lot of traffic from college and university campuses. Professors who used to hand out “readers” — bound collections of photocopied articles and book chapters — now just point their students to a page full of links. Google Scholar makes the professor’s job that much easier by tracking down quality information on practically any subject under the sun. Gone are the days when academic research actually involved a trip to the library.

And then there is Wikipedia, the world’s favorite encyclopedia, which is growing by leaps and bounds and now has quite a few links to pages on this site.