Coming Up for Air

by Scott London

My blog has been unusually quiet in recent weeks and months. I’ve been busy juggling several projects and it seemed as if all the deadlines converged at once. Frankly, my head has been spinning for the last two or three months.

What have I been working on? One project was a year-long study I led for the Harwood Institute that looks at what we call “public innovators” — who they are and why they’re one of the keys to bringing about the change we need in America’s communities. That report should be out very soon.

Another big project was the completion of a book I co-edited with Irwin Abrams for the Nobel Foundation. The foundation is in Stockholm, the publisher is in Singapore, Irwin Abrams is in Ohio, and I’m here in California. Getting us all into alignment was what you might call a global effort. This was a very interesting and rewarding, if time-consuming, project. The book should be out later this year.

Another reason why it’s been so quiet here lately — and I know you’ve heard this before — is because I’ve been needing to make some changes to the site. It’s cumbersome work. But I’m making behind the scenes improvements as time permits. Meanwhile, there’s much new stuff to add to the site in coming weeks, so please stay tuned.