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The Spirit of Service

“There is a call to us, a call of service,” Dorothy Day once said, “that we join with others to try to make things better in this world.” This phrase gave rise to the title of Robert Coles’s 1993 book, The Call of Service, a meditation on the meaning of voluntary service — the kind […]

The Virtual Community

All sorts of reasons have been advanced in recent years to explain the decline of community in America, from the way we design our neighborhoods to the increased mobility of the average American to such demographic shifts as the movement of women into the labor force. But the onslaught of television and other electronic technologies […]

Civil Investing

My article Philanthropy and Public Life: A Question of Civil Investing appears in the Winter 2006 issue of Connections magazine. It looks at one of the most important new developments in American philanthropy which, in the span of just a decade, has evolved from a conversation among a handful of foundation executives to an innovative and increasingly widespread approach […]