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Tweets and Retweets

Here are a handful of recent Twitter entries on random subjects like kindness, grievances, consensus, and the limits of humility.

The Joy of Service

A decade ago, I had the good fortune to spend time with Laura Huxley, widow of the great British novelist and philosopher Aldous Huxley. I spent several afternoons at her house in the Hollywood Hills. We discussed her life with Aldous, her charity work on behalf of children, her frustrations with traditional psychotherapy, and, not […]

On Paying Dues

I don’t believe in paying your dues, but sometimes it’s the only way to overcome self-doubt or a lingering suspicion that you’re a charlatan.

Creativity and Chaos

The line between creativity and psychological disorder is astonishingly thin. It seems to me that in our culture we cultivate creativity as if it were a rare hothouse flower while at the same time trying to stave off mental disorder like some kind of pestilence. But they’re really two sides of the same coin. In […]

Outside the Box

A survey-taker asks me if I’m religious.  “No,” I say.  “So you don’t believe in God?”  “Of course I do,” I say.  “So you’re a non-religious believer?”  I suppose so, whatever that means. Without intending to, I seem to confound bureaucrats and pollsters. Much of the time I’m either all of the above or none […]