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I Am You. You Are Love.

A personal favorite, this one shot at the Heat the Street Faire in San Francisco, October 2008.

The 2009 Santa Barbara Film Festival

Most people in the entertainment world are busy looking forward to the Academy Awards on February 22. But some of us are still looking back on the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, which just wrapped up on February 2.  The two events are not unrelated. The ten-day festival in Santa Barbara kicked off on January [...]

Bringing Back the Fire

Some of my photographs are included in a show, opening today, in Santa Rosa, California. The exhibition, “Bringing Back the Fire,” is a celebration of art and community at the annual Burning Man festival. According to the show’s press release, Burning Man “turns part of Black Rock Desert in Nevada into the ‘world’s largest outdoor [...]

Santa Barbara Film Festival

The 2008 festival, which ran from January 24 to February 3, drew some 70,000 people and featured over 200 screenings, along with an impressive line-up of tributes, award shows, and panels with industry insiders. But the big story, as always, revolved around the celebrities, the beautiful people who came to town and, for a few [...]

Nobel Peace Prize 2007

Al Gore and the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change shared the Nobel Peace Prize for 2007. They were in Oslo last month to accept the award and take part in three full days of festivities. The Nobel events coincided with the climate conference in Bali, which made the coverage particularly interesting and timely this [...]

Burning Man 2007

Just returned from the 2007 Burning Man festival. It was a beautiful and exhilarating week. This year I shot some 1,700 photos. Some of them were lost, and I’m still grieving about that, but there was enough for a photoessay, one that offers at least a small glimpe of the extraordinary art, the beautiful faces, [...]

Burning Man Photography

My photographs from Burning Man appear in several magazines currently on the newsstand. The new issue of Nevada Magazine includes a ten-page cover story titled “Images of Burning Man” with many of my photos. The latest Public Art Review features an article by Louis Brill titled “Burning Man Photographers.” The piece showcases the work of several photographers and makes [...]

I Madonnari

I Madonnari was the name given to street painters in 16th- and 17th-century Italy, itinerant artists who traveled from town to town and city to city rendering images of the Madonna on sidewalks and in public squares. Like street musicians, the “Madonna painters” supported themselves by small donations — usually coins thrown to them by appreciative passers-by [...]

The 2006 Nobel Peace Prize

The 2006 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh. The award ceremony in Oslo, Norway, brought together heads of state, prominent humanitarians, Hollywood celebrities, rock stars, and journalists from around the world. An all-round extraordinary event. My photoessay captures some of the highlights, from the award ceremony and [...]

File Magazine

A selection of my images from Burning Man 2004-2006 has been featured in File Magazine, a well-edited and tastefully designed collection of fine art photography. “Love it or hate it,” the editors write, “there is one thing that is certain about the annual Burning Man festival: it offers many opportunities for unexpected photography.” You’ll find the [...]

Burning Man 2006

I’ve added 100 new photos from the 2006 Burning Man festival, along with some commentary and links to other photographers’ galleries. Some of my images from the event also appear in the October issue of 944 Magazine and the German ADAC Reisemagazin.

The 2005 Nobel Peace Prize

Back from another rich and stimulating week in Norway where I took part in the annual Nobel Peace Prize celebrations, this time honoring the International Atomic Energy Agency and its director general Mohamed ElBaradei. This year’s events lacked some of the excitement of 2002 when Jimmy Carter got the prize and it paled in comparison [...]