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A Letter from The Sun

Today I received a letter from The Sun magazine. The editors decided to republish an excerpt from an interview I did some years ago with writer Richard Rodriguez. The letter sums up why I love the magazine. And it says something about why Richard Rodriguez’s words still resonate. Here is the original interview: A View […]

Climate Choices

At yesterday’s White House Science Fair, President Obama called on our current generation of students—those in elementary, middle and high schools today—to take up the grand challenges of our time, from forging new solutions to cancer to combatting climate change. To advance the cause, he launched the Climate Education and Literacy Initiative, a program aimed at giving students […]

How Do We Get American Politics Back on Track?

A healthy skepticism of government is built into the American character. But public attitudes have gone beyond mere skepticism in recent years. Surveys show that disaffection with government is at or near an all-time high. Many people have abandoned their faith in our elected leadership. Some of the public’s frustration can be attributed to economic […]

On Collaboration

On Collaboration is a new essay collection exploring various challenges, benefits, methodologies and approaches to collaborative practice. It brings together several general essays on collaboration—including a contribution of mine titled Building Collaborative Communities—as well as a half-dozen case studies of collaborative projects carried out in the U.K. under the auspices of Tate. As I note […]