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The Promise of Civic Technology

I see civic tech as an exciting frontier. But, as I pointed out in a recent conversation with PlaceSpeak, we’re not quite there yet. Much of the technology is still under development and there are still thorny questions that need to be worked out.

Living Cities

Over the past decade, I’ve looked closely at what makes a city vibrant, dynamic and robust — in a word, liveable. I share some of what I learned in a recent six-part documentary series that aired earlier this year on the Discovery Channel. I’m one of a number of talking heads on the program discussing the essential characteristics of a “living city.” Here are some highlights from the series.

The Future of Books

After almost six years, I moved my office out of the old Lobero Building last week. I was astonished by the amount of stuff I’d accumulated during that time — the papers, yes, but especially the books. I receive a lot of review copies, but I’m also guilty of buying too many titles. It’s a tough […]

The Future of Journalism

THE FUTURE OF JOURNALISM: Or, How Americans Are Learning to Have More Interesting Conversations A Talk at the Literary Society of Youngstown November 14, 2008   Last week, America lost one of its most popular and controversial authors — Michael Crichton. He was best known for his suspenseful technological thrillers, like “The Andromeda Strain” and […]