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Vanishing Oasis

I was back at the Salton Sea a few weeks ago and was stunned to see how quickly it’s drying up. Experts say the water level is currently dropping about seven inches per year. It may not seem like much, but it means the shoreline is receding fast, especially along the north and south shores. […]

A Still Afternoon at the Salton Sea

Beauty is unbearable and drives us to despair, Albert Camus once said, because it offers us for a moment the glimpse of an eternity we would like to stretch out over the whole of time. I was remembering the quote last week on a visit to the Salton Sea, a place where beauty and despair […]

Salton Sea

  I recently returned from another trip to the Salton Sea. It was my second time there this year. The lake levels have receded dramatically in recent years and the smell of decay is worse than I remembered. Dwindling inflows and rising salinity levels have transformed the sea from a quiet sanctuary to a toxic […]