The radio series Insight & Outlook ceased production in 1999 after almost five years on the American airwaves. Hosted by Scott London, the weekly cultural affairs program offered a trenchant look at the ideas and trends shaping our future. It also spotlighted provocative thinkers and social innovators — men and women charting new directions in science, education, technology, health, psychology and other fields.

The program featured some of the most outstanding minds of our time — people like James Hillman, Neil Postman, Marion Woodman, Robert Thurman, Vandana Shiva, Huston Smith, Riane Eisler, Robert Coles, Sam Keen, and Warren Bennis.

Insight & Outlook has been called "one of the most refreshing interview programs available on public radio" and "a thought-provoking and enlightening contribution to the airwaves." "More than any other single source of information," one critic observed, Insight and Outlook "defines a certain humanistic slice of our intellectual zeitgeist, and most probably, the zeitgeist of the coming decade."

Insight & Outlook aired on National Public Radio stations across the United States and on global shortwave. The series was produced at KCBX-FM in San Luis Obispo, California.