Default World Dreaming

"Star Seed" - A photo from Burning Man by Scott London

My work is featured in a new show at Gallery 151 in New York City, opening today. I’m thrilled to have my photography in the show and to be joined by an incredible roster of talented artists.

The show is titled “Default World Dreaming” and takes its inspiration from the culture of Burning Man.  The annual event represents a curious and dynamic world of opposites — an ephemeral world created anew each year in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, and the established, accepted, and socially constructed reality of our daily lives.

To those in the Burning Man community, quotidian life is often referred to as “the default world.” It stands in stark contrast to the culture of Burning Man which is exemplified by self-reliance, non-commodification, gift giving, and radical self-expression. For those who attend Burning Man, these values can be so creative and so liberating that they feel more real than the “real” world.

The exhibition looks at the dichotomy between living in a default world and dreaming of an alternate world, one suffused with creative extravagance and limitless possibility.

The show opens today and runs through April 19, 2014. For more information, please visit Gallery 151.