Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of equipment do you use?

I’m a longtime Canon photographer. I have a pair of 5Ds, a 6D, and a classic 1N that I love. My favorite lenses are the 35mm f/1.4 L and the 85mm f/1.2 L, but like most photographers I rely heavily on zooms, especially for news and event photography (see Three Essential Zooms for more on this). For on-location shoots, I use Profoto lights, or, in less demanding situations, a pair of trusty 600EX-RTs with a Speedlite transmitter. I like B+W filters, Induro tri- and monopods, Matthews stands, ThinkTank bags, and Joby SlingStraps. I don’t often shoot film anymore, but when I do, I go for 400H, Superia or Velvia, all made by Fuji, or Kodak Portra.

Do you sell prints?

Yes, I offer fine art prints of many of my photographs. Please inquire for more details:

Do you offer high-res downloads of your images for personal use?

Sorry, I don’t share my high-resolution files.

Can I hire you as a photographer?

Absolutely. I’m available for editorial assignments, documentary projects, events and productions, and commercial work. Please see the “Services” section of this site for more information, or feel free to contact me directly at to discuss. Thanks for your interest.

May I use your images in a printed book or magazine?

My work is available in high resolution for this purpose. Please contact to discuss. If you’re looking for specific types of images and can’t find them on this site, please get in touch. I may have what you’re looking for in my image archive.

May I use your images on my blog or not-for-profit website?

Yes, you may use images from this site elsewhere online for non-commercial purposes provided 1) that they are not altered in any way, 2) that they are fully credited to Scott London, and 3) that they include a link to this site.

Please note: images may not be used on a company or for-profit website (including editorial sites with advertising) for any reason without permission.

May we license your photos for commercial usage?

Yes, some images are available for commercial use. Please contact for more details.

May I use images from your website for educational purposes?

Yes, you may use images from this site in classroom presentations, students projects and reports, etc., provided 1) the photos are not altered and 2) they are fully credited to Scott London.

How do I credit your photography?

Please credit all images as follows:

Photo by Scott London (

Thank you

Can I intern with you, assist you on a photoshoot, or watch you at work?

Thank you for your interest. I do need assistants from time to time, especially in Los Angeles and San Francisco. However, I’m not accepting any new interns or guests at this time.

Do you work with models?

Yes. I’m currently looking for models, both male and female, for ongoing fine art projects. I work on a TFP basis. Experience is not necessary, but you must be based in southern California or the Bay Area. Please contact for more details.

Are you available for media interviews?

Yes, I’m happy to discuss my work or to address questions on topics I’ve written about or otherwise covered. Please contact to discuss details.

Do you accept invitations to give lectures and presentations?

Yes, I love to address groups and can speak on a variety of subjects. I’m available for public and private speaking engagements, workshops, campus visits, and educational presentations, as my schedule permits. For a list of topics or to discuss details, please contact

Would you be interested in a sponsorship?

I don’t run ads on my site, but I’m happy to consider other sponsorship opportunities.