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To listen to these clips, you will need the RealPlayer installed on your computer. The plug-in can be downloaded free from the RealNetworks web site. Download here.

Please allow adequate time for the download process. It may take a few moments, especially if you have a dial-up connection.

Phil Cousineau on "The Sly Winks of Fate"
Pico Iyer on "Going Global"
Sam Keen on "The Art of Loving"
Gregg Levoy on "Callings"
Mary Pipher on "Rebuilding Our Families"
Richard Rodriguez on "A View from the Melting Pot"
Elisabet Sahtouris & Willis Harman on "The New Science"
Vandana Shiva on "In the Footsteps of Gandhi"
Philip Slater & Warren Bennis on "Democracy Is Inevitable"
Robert Thurman on "The Politics of Enlightenment"
Jakob Von Uexkull on "Paths to a Positive Future"
Marianne Williamson on "Holistic Politics"