Here is a list of standalone radio productions that I have hosted. The public radio series "Insight and Outlook" ceased production some years ago, but I continue to do occasional freelance work.

Radio Productions



A weekly cultural affairs program heard on many National Public Radio stations in the United States, Insight and Outlook surveys the ideas shaping our future and spotlights the work of frontier thinkers and social innovators. Hosted by Scott London, the series profiles some of the most outstanding minds of our time — men and women charting new directions in science, medicine, psychology, management and education.


Anima Mundi is a series of radio lectures on myth and society. Hosted by Scott London, the talks feature prominent philosophers and psychologists addressing thorny social problems, from crime to overconsumption, from a "big picture" perspective.


A four-part documentary exploring the deepening anger and cynicism many Americans feel toward the political system. Scott London talks with community activists, elected officials, political analysts, journalists, and people "in the street" about how to heal the rift between the public and government. He finds hope in the small but growing network of community groups practicing a different kind of politics, one rooted in the distinctly American tradition of town meetings, neighborhood forums, and community engagement.