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Anatole Broyard - Kafka Was the Rage

E L Doctorow - Jack London, Hemingway and the Constitution

Willie Morris - New York Days

Diana Trilling - The Beginning of the Journey


Peter Block - Community: The Structure of Belonging

Peter Calthorpe - The Next American Metropolis

Stephen Doheny-Farina - The Wired Neighborhood

David Engwicht - Reclaiming Our Cities and Towns

Daniel Kemmis - The Good City and the Good Life

Philip Langdon - A Better Place to Live

Elinor Ostrom - Governing the Commons

Robert Putnam and Lewis Feldstein - Better Together

Howard Rheingold - The Virtual Community

Douglas Schuler - New Community Networks

Culture & Society

Eric Alterman - Sound and Fury

Steven Brint - In an Age of Experts

Barbara Ehrenreich - Fear of Falling

Todd Gitlin - The Intellectuals and the Flag

Gail Bernice Holland - A Call for Connection

Barbara Marx Hubbard - Conscious Evolution

Robert Hughes - Culture of Complaint

Neil Postman - Building a Bridge to the 18th Century

Jonathan Rauch - Kindly Inquisitors

Theodore Roszak - America the Wise

John Ralston Saul - Voltaire's Bastards

James A. Smith - The Idea Brokers

Charlene Spretnak - The Resurgence of the Real

Cass Sunstein -

Robert Theobald - The Rapids of Change

Robert Wuthnow - Sharing the Journey


Paul Hawken - The Ecology of Commerce

Elinor Ostrom - Governing the Commons

Jeremy Rifkin - Biosphere Politics


David Bornstein - The Price of a Dream

Herman Daly and John Cobb Jr. - For the Common Good

Paul Hawken - The Ecology of Commerce

Hazel Henderson - Building a Win-Win World

Hazel Henderson - Paradigms in Progress

David Korten - The Post-Corporate World

Robert Reich - The Work of Nations


Mary Catherine Bateson - Peripheral Vision

Richard Bernstein - Dictatorship of Virtue

Burton J. Bledstein - The Culture of Professionalism

Jerome Bruner - The Culture of Education

Howard Gardner - Intelligence Reframed

Howard Gardner - The Unschooled Mind

David Guterson - Family Matters

Russell Jacoby - Dogmatic Wisdom

Neil Postman - The End of Education

Bruce Wilshire - The Moral Collapse of the University


Harry Ashmore - Civil Rights and Wrongs

Lynn Sherr - Failure is Impossible

Stephen Skowronek - The Politics Presidents Make

Page Smith - Rediscovering Christianity

International Affairs

Alexander Ewen, Editor - Voice of Indigenous Peoples

Samuel Huntington - The Third Wave

Robert Kaplan - The Ends of the Earth

Paul Kennedy - Preparing for the Twenty-First Century

John Naisbitt - Global Paradox

Victor Perez-Diaz - The Return of Civil Society

Alvin and Heidi Toffler - War and Anti-War

Journalism & the Media

Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon - Adventures in Medialand

Edwin Diamond - The Media Game

Edwin Diamond & Robert Silverman - White House to Your House

Robert J. Donovan and Ray Scherer - Unsilent Revolution

Jack Germond and Jules Witcover - Mad as Hell

Ellen Goodman - Value Judgments

Christopher Hitchens - For the Sake of Argument

William Hoynes - Public Television for Sale

Howard Kurtz - Media Circus

Tom Rosenstiel - Strange Bedfellows


Anne Wells Branscomb - Who Owns Information?

Mary Ann Glendon - A Nation Under Lawyers

Philip K. Howard - The Death of Common Sense

Cass Sunstein - Democracy and the Problem of Free Speech

Sheldon Wolin - The Presence of the Past


James MacGregor Burns - Leadership

Ronald Heifetz - Leadership Without Easy Answers

Politics & Public Policy

Benjamin Barber - A Place for Us

David Broder - Democracy Derailed

Dan Clawson et al - Money Talks

Stanley Deetz - Democracy in an Age of Corporate Colonization

Jack Germond and Jules Witcover - Mad as Hell

Richard Goodwin - Promises to Keep

Mickey Kaus - The End of Equality

George Lakoff - Moral Politics

Lewis Lapham - The Wish For Kings

Christopher Lasch - Revolt of the Elites

John Minahan - Teaching Democracy - A Professor's Journal

David Osborne and Ted Gaebler - Reinventing Government

Thomas Patterson - Out of Order

Kevin Phillips - Arrogant Capital

Jonathan Rauch - Demosclerosis

Robert Richie & Steven Hill - Reflecting All of Us

Tom Rosenstiel - Strange Bedfellows

Philip Slater - A Dream Deferred

Christa Daryl Slaton - Televote

Hedrick Smith - Rethinking America

Robert Thaler and Cass Sunstein - Nudge

Wally Wirths - Democracy - the Myth, the Reality


John Patrick Diggins - The Promise of Pragmatism

Huston Smith - Beyond the Post-Modern Mind

Charlene Spretnak - The Resurgence of the Real

Ken Wilber - One Taste


Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi - The Evolving Self

Science & Technology

Bryan Appleyard - Understanding the Present

Fritjof Capra - The Web of Life

Stephen Doheny-Farina - The Wired Neighborhood

John David Ebert - Twilight of the Clockwork God

Richard Lanham - The Electronic Word

Jerry Mander - In the Absence of the Sacred

Nicholas Negroponte - Being Digital

Neil Postman - Technopoly

Howard Rheingold - The Virtual Community

Peter Russell - The Global Brain

Peter Russell - Waking Up in Time

Douglas Schuler - New Community Networks

Richard Sclove - Democracy and Technology

Lee Sproull and Sara Kiesler - Connections

Clifford Stoll - Silicon Snake Oil

Paul Thagard - Conceptual Revolutions

Langdon Winner - The Whale and the Reactor


Robert Coles - The Call of Service

Richard Louv - Childhood's Future

Mary Pipher - The Shelter of Each Other

Horst Stern - The Last Hunt